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Gable vents come in many different shapes and types. The function of any gable vent is to release the hot, humid air that is trapped in attic spaces. The oldest type of gable vent is the wooden gable vent. The wooden gable vent looks good at first, but after some years will need scraping and painting and eventually will have to be replaced. Metal gable vents are more durable than wooden gable vents, but will also need scraping and painting. The best choice for a gable vent is vinyl gable vents. The vinyl gable vent is an excellent addition to homes finished in vinyl, but also compliments homes finished in other materials, such as aluminum, wood shingles, and brick. The vinyl gable vent resists cracking, decay, staining, and it never needs painting. If your home does not have any gable vent ant you are thinking of having vinyl siding installed on your home, it is a good idea to add larger or additional gable vents if necessary.


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